Stake your Cardano with us

The ADELA staking pool is set up with security in mind.


The pool is secure by architectural design and we constantly study state of the art security patterns.

Fully automated

The pool itself runs fully automated and in the most likely case something fails, it restarts.

24 / 7 Uptime

We monitor our pool around the clock fully automated and get informed if something goes wrong with the pool.


ADELA is a Cardano stake pool with experience from the start

In early January 2020 we have decided to spend some time in testing out the Intenciviced Test Net (ITN) of the Cardano Foundation. There we experienced a lot of ups and downs, while upgrading the pool to the newest version. Sometimes we had to downgrade to a much more stable version, but we gained a lot of experience in operating a stake pool.

After the start of the Shelley Mainnet in Mid of 2020, we then upgraded the ITN pool to the Mainnet. And here we are.

We have now experience in several disciplines.

Stake pool operation

Server Administration


Solution Architecture

Software Architecture

Blockchain Technologies

Fullstack Programming

Cryptocurrency Experience

ADELA is the short tag for Alpha DELta Alpha which are the Greek letters for ADA, the currency tag for Cardano.


Security by Architecture

The ADELA pool is created with security in mind. This starts with a solid solution architecture.

One of the base ideas of a secure and solid solution architecture is that a single system needs just as much ressources and connections to other system as it really needs. This comes naturally with some downsides like networking overheads and authorization issues.

The ADELA pool is split up in seperate Docker containers, which seperately do their computational job as they are designed for. Each container is running in a network in that way the container that need to communicate to each other are in the same network. Some containers absolutely don’t need to comunicate to some other container, they are isolated from the public.

Only a few ports are opened to the public – only the absolute necessary ports.

Any container which is serving some website is connected to a proxy, which has the function to upgrade the standard http connection to secured https.

Each container runs with non admin rights and in the most unlike case if the container stops working, it restarts automatically.

Not too cheap, but expensive neither

Honestly, running and operating a stake pool takes a lot of time and effort. Mostly the time is taken from our freetime with our families and servers don’t run only with air. Therefore we need to take some fees, but they are not hilarious high and cover the costs. And they give us a regular support of ice cream 🙂

420 ADA




100k ADA


History of ADELA

10 / 2018
Heard about Cardano
This is the first time we heard about the Cardano project.
01 / 2019
Red the white paper
We sat together and red the Cardano white paper. We figured out that it is a project worth to support.
03 / 2019
Purchased the first ADA
Sometime in March we bought the first batch of ADA for ourselves.
09 / 2019
Thought about the idea of operating a stake pool
At this point in time we figured out, we will invest some time and money in creating a stake pool to help decentralizing the idea of Cardano.
01 / 2020
Pool in ITN
We tested our pool in the Incentiviced TestNet and gained knowledge in operating it.
11 / 2020
Shelley MainNet
Since November we are operating ADELA in the Shelley MainNet.
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